BEFORE: Pre Tan Care (24-48 hours before tan)

Take a shower, shave and exfoliate! Shower, exfoliate and shave 24 - 48 hours prior to your tan.
NOT IMMEDIATELY BEFORE! Your skin needs time to allow the amino acids to build back up. This creates the baseline for your color.


DURING: Day of Your Appointment

Don't apply a barrier! Come as the true you! Come free of lotions, perfume, makeup, jewelry or anything else that creates a barrier to the tanning solution. If you can't leave the house without deodorant use it sparingly.

Wear dark, loose clothing and flip flops! It takes a little time for the solution to fully dry and set so don't tempt fate with yoga pants and a sports bra. Tight clothing can smear or leave a cloth pattern in your tan. Some solution may transfer to your clothes, so go for something dark. The solution will come off in the washing machine, so don't worry. If you come wearing a bra, leave with it in your purse.

Ran out of time? Aren't preparred? Simply Bronze Glow wants getting a spray tan to be an easy and painless experience. So, if you come a little unprepared, we can help: We offer exfoliating mitts for $6 you can use immediately prior to your tan. (Highly recommended if you didn't exfoliate) We provide hair ties and make-up remover wipes as well. Don't come in tight clothes! It WILL mess up your tan!


AFTER: Post Tan Care

Avoid getting wet for at least 8 hours! Don't shower, swim, or get wet within 8 hours of your spray tan. Don't apply perfume, lotion, or liquid makeup within 8 hours of your spray tan.

Warm water rinse only! If you can't wait 24 hours to shower, just do a warm water rinse.

MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE! Moisturizing is the key to tan maintenance! To avoid premature fading or cracking, moisturize morning and night. Any non-oil based moisturizer is better than none, so you can use what you already have, or to extend the life of your tan you can purchase specially formulated soaps and lotions from Simply Bronze Glow. The skin on your face turns over twice as fast as the rest of your body, so to keep your face glowing, we offer face bronzer to match your spray tan.

Do not exfoliate. Minimize shaving. While its important to exfoliate PRIOR to your tan, its equally important not to exfoliate AFTER your tan.Minimize shaving post tan.